So You Haven’t Filed Your Taxes Yet?

This rant is addressed to those who have not filed their taxes yet for the last 5, 10 years — whatever it is.


Whichever industry you’re in, you probably don’t know the IRS is out there watching you on social media. And maybe you’re thinking that you’re off the radar.


If you keep on ignoring these, you’ll get a bunch of notices from the IRS and it’s going to be really expensive.


What I’m going to tell you is you’ve got the control before the IRS start dealing with you on filing enforcement. You can take the lead and have somebody to represent you. This person will defend you and protect you. He or she will get all worked out. He will file every return that hasn’t been filed. He will then figure out if the IRS carry any returns for you called the Substitute for Return (SFR), order your transcripts, and look at every files the IRS have for you. After getting all the information, he’ll start dealing with IRS by contacting them with your case signed. He’ll negotiate, say in the next 90 days, or maybe work out a <em>voluntary minimum payment agreemen</em>t, so you’ll start paying in good faith. He can then work out an installment agreement to pay for the next three years or maybe 72 months.


Enrolled agents can help manage it instead of you ignoring your taxes. If you just sit on the couch and do nothing, you’ll get screwed! It will get really expensive. Every time you check your mail box, you’ll feel anxious because you know there will be notices in there. If you think you can escape those notices, then that’s not going to happen. If you’re already screwed up, you’ll need someone to defend you and get the work done –just like what James and his team do.


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