How to Prosper Financially and Create your Own Opportunity

Have you defined what it is in life you really want?

Have you taken time to write it down and be really specific?

Have you started a “Make it Happen” journal?




In my professional life, a good part of what I do for clients I serve is once we begin an engagement that involves my representing them before the IRS to clean up some form of tax mess, I require that the client enter into a “Coaching Program.” This program is where I begin working with them and in the Coaching Center to get to the root of the real issues about money, success, and the relationship they have with their money.

I have found that many clients I serve in this area are estranged from their money and have a less than healthy relationship at best. At worse, some are over the top in how dysfunctional the relationship is or how close to toxic it is becoming.

A good part of my Wealth Awareness and Wealth Actualization program focuses on practical but powerful concepts and exercises that have powerful impact on the client and in the relationship they have with their money.


Define What You Want!

Here, we begin with very specific intent and with great clarity to define in writing exactly what it is we “really” want in our life and in terms of financial life. We get more specific in defining that and quantifying in every manner possible all that we have in our mind and heart that is all that we want. Better than 75% of the people say they have goals fail for one reason: they fail to write down their goal. Simply writing down what you want increases by more than 50% the likelihood you will attain your goal.



Write it Down!

write a journalWe begin with a daily journal and we define this journal as our “Make it Happen” journal so that we embed in our mind the concept and principles and practice of Make it Happen in all that we do. When writing down what we want, it is absolutely necessary to define FIRST WHAT and be as specific in every detail as you possibly can as you visualize, see in your mind, and feel in your heart that very thing that you define as what you want.

The more specific you are, the faster what you want will arrive. However, do NOT get pulled into the rabbit hole thinking about how/when in defining WHAT it is you want. Master first the technique of defining the WHAT and all the rest will take care of itself in due time.


Make it Happen!

achieve successMake it Happen, Get it Done, Do it Now. These are all techniques that empower your mind to attract to your life that which you want and you must live a “Make it Happen” life and not be satisfied to sit idle on the sidelines as a spectator watching as life marches by.

You must stand up, suit up, and show up every day and Make It Happen. 

And when you are about to give up and quit…..then LEAN IN and do some more!

We do not change the world. We live in by sitting on our ass waiting for the world to deliver all that we want. Because if we truly want what we define, then we will do all we can to make it happen! In whatever pursuit you may have –whatever venture you may undertake and whatever relationship you may enter — it all comes down to these three secrets.


Those in the world that Make it Happen lead the world to victory in all that they do yet many of us are unable to see with great clarity the purpose of our life and the meaning that we have to be the best at whatever it is we do and do this not as some form of positive thinking. But instead do this as a matter of our birth right to live an abundant, rich, and joyous life.


A little secret to the secret……Give everything you have first before asking for what you want next!


The willingness to give it your all framed as a moral imperative and duty we hold to ourselves is the fuel that will ignite your passion. I truly believe we all must live that which is our passion in life.

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