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“Message For Leaders” – Sunday Rants by James Harnsberger from James Harnsberger, EA on Vimeo.


In this video, Message for Leaders, James is speaking to all leaders — network marketers, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, etc.


These people have done a great job in speaking in front of thousands of people inside the auditorium. Their respective audiences are looking up to the them in terms of their success and leadership. Yes, most speakers and leaders have helped others to realize their dreams, to build their business, and to do the things they really wanted.


Most of these leaders are teaching techniques — sales techniques, marketing on the Internet, and etc. While these things are important, there’s something else missing…


James asked this challenging question to all leaders: “How much credibility do you have when you’re teaching them how many of these [money] they should possibly keep?”


You’re a leader. But maybe you’re not good at teaching your followers or pointing them into the direction on how to keep money as much as possible. In fact, you – your very self – may not be so good on that point of view.


Another question to ask yourself is: How’s your financial house? Do you really have that credibility to stand up in front of those people?


If you’re just selling the dream and the technique, but you’re not giving anybody a path on how to keep more of these things – MONEY – then maybe you need to do a little housekeeping. Maybe you need a little reflection.


People who are true entrepreneurs; people who are “sustainably “successful over the long time; people who surround themselves with good advice to help them understand – not just by doing the work –  the tax return that they are signing every year.


James stressed that out of 95 percent of people (say for example in network marketing and Internet marketing), or anyone  who are filling in the room of an auditorium, only one of them could sit down and explain the tax return he or she had signed last year.


So here’s what James wanted to propose…


He wants you to reflect, to visualize, to see the dream, to bring in to existence,and to use your imagination. He wants you to build a foundation of being authentic, being real, and being genuine,  helping people –starting with yourself –understand how to keep more money. You should keep more of it every year.


It doesn’t matter how much you make if, at the end of the year, you’re giving away on the penalty, the taxes and the interests. Worst, you don’t even understand your own tax return. You need to know how to keep or save money on your taxes.


What do you think you are doing? If you want sustainable success, you’d better live by example – all the way through the book, not just chapters 1 and 2..


You, as a leader, have to teach people how to keep money – and more of it.


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